Mairi Campbell and Kath Burlinson chat about collaborating together

Mairi Campbell and Kath Burlinson at the the List magazine's party at Summerhall, Edinburgh
Mairi Campbell and Kath Burlinson at the List magazine’s party at Summerhall, Edinburgh

Mairi Campbell and Authentic Artist Collective founder Kath Burlinson have been collaborating together since 2009. Their latest work Mairi Campbell: Pulse is running at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at Summerhall from 3-28 August. 

In the first of this three-part series, Mairi and Kath talk about what it’s like working together, what they have learned from each other, and what it means to be an authentic artist. 


How has it been working together? 

Mairi: Very comfortable. We’ve been working together since 2009 in different ways, all of which, so far, has been a lot of fun! We both seem able to adopt roles for the work to be made.  

Kath: I’ve really enjoyed working on Pulse with Mairi – it’s been very harmonious and organic, but we’ve also ventured into very new territory for Mairi, beyond comfort zones. The depth and breadth of our creative relationship has allowed this to be possible. 


What have you learned since working with each other? 

Mairi: I’ve had some serious downloads in the past few years from wonderful mentors to whom I am so grateful. I seem to be gradually learning to let go and trust myself. Trust in my craft as a musician.  I’m also learning to love playing concerts and gigs! 

Kath: Mairi had a clear vision for the piece – some elements, such as the set, I was unsure of at first, but I have learned to trust Mairi’s strong sense of what is needed – she feels things vibrationally, and that’s taught me things too. 


What’s one interesting fact you’ve learned about each other in the time you’ve been working together? 

Mairi: Kath Burlinson has clear insight into creativity and each individual’s relationships and the blocks that get in the way.   

The Authentic Artist community is a practical and artistic support network.  

Kath: Mairi can take the mickey out of herself, which is a great quality! 


What does it mean to be an authentic artist?  

Mairi: For each person, I think there’s be a different answer, but to me it’s about facing and honouring my life as it is, and make art from there – to see as clearly as possible, to realise (seeing life with real eyes).    

Kath: I’m still finding out. That’s the point. It’s a practice, not a concept. I have guided more than 40 Authentic Artist workshops in Scotland and England and formed the Authentic Artist Collective and we are all exploring this question, through our artistry. 


Mairi Campbell: Pulse 
The Old Lab, Summerhall, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL
3-28 AUG 14:25 (15:20), PREVIEWS: 3 & 4 / BSLI : 18 & 25, NO PERFORMANCE: 15 & 22 
Buy Pulse tickets here:

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