Join me for the world premiere of Mairi Campbell: Living Stone at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2024

Hi folks,

Mairi Campbell: Living Stone will premiere at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August! An exhibition of my stone paintings will also run concurrently. Both will be at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

There are angels on my back shooing me along as the live show, exhibition and a new album takes shape. It’s been a long time coming, but has definitely been worth the wait. Kath, theatre techician Roddy and I are beavering away in Kath’s studio this week, putting the show together. Dave Gray is mastering the album, Ellen’s made the trailer, Kate’s holding the production reigns, and Marianne is head down with the marketing. What a team! So grateful.

I do hope you’ll join me at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in August. You can get your tickets at And more info below. 


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Lismore retreat pics and a Living Stone update

Hi folks,

Just an update on Living Stone. My daughter Ellen and I filmed a trailer for the show yesterday, so she has some juicy shots that she’ll edit into a one-minute trailer. We’ll share that with you when it’s ready. 

Today I’m in the studio with Dave Gray for two days, so we’re getting moving on the music for the show. I have a long list of tracks needing recorded or edited. And the script is feeling great and I’m off page! I’m looking forward to August.

Sending love.


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Back up on Lismore

Hi folks,

I’m back on Lismore now until July and working on my new show Living Stone – Dave Gray has been sending me extraordinary tracks that he’s produced from improvisations and songs that we recorded.

The paintings are up on the wall, fiddle’s in its cradle, a candle’s burning and prayer is on my tongue and in my heart: “Oh Holy Stone how you shimmer and shine. May thy will be done on our earthly shrine.”

An update on how the tour went plus some fiddle retreat dates below.

Sending love and light.


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