Back up on Lismore

Hi folks,

I’m back on Lismore now until July and working on my new show Living Stone – Dave Gray has been sending me extraordinary tracks that he’s produced from improvisations and songs that we recorded.

The paintings are up on the wall, fiddle’s in its cradle, a candle’s burning and prayer is on my tongue and in my heart: “Oh Holy Stone how you shimmer and shine. May thy will be done on our earthly shrine.”

An update on how the tour went plus some fiddle retreat dates below.

Sending love and light.


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January 2024 tour links

Hi folks,

Mairi’s laying low with a nasty flu – aching all over and just needing to sleep.

So, just a short update from the team for anyone looking for ticket links for the January shows. Mairi will also be singing on Front Row, Radio 4 on Thursday 11th January if anyone fancies tuning in.

Have a lovely xmas and New Year and thanks for all your support this year.

Take care xx

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January shows and vote for us

Hi folks,

I’ve enjoyed a right old mix of music action this month. As part of the Scottish Storytelling Festival, I played a selection of songs and tunes with Svend-Erik Engh’s show ‘Once upon a time there was a war’ which we also took across to Bunessan on the Isle of Mull. Only down side was my car headlights packing in when we reached the hall!  

I enjoyed a couple of happy outings with Freeland Barbour and The Occasionals dance band – always a pleasure. Windygates fiddle and accordion club were a revelation with all the accordionists that appeared on the night. There should have been a warning. 

On a more domestic note, Dave and I are repurposing the flat with working spaces for us both. It’s the old story of what happens to the kids’ rooms when they’ve left home.

And looking forward to 2024: Auld Lang Syne January tour dates and Lismore fiddle retreat deets below…

Mairi x

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Feeling ready

Hi folks, I’m feeling ready for the ‘Meet me at the threshold’ tour and really looking forward to it. 

I’m at a stage in life that feels freer than I’ve felt before. My tools are sharpened and ready to share. The voice is fuller, richer. The viola has simplified its offering. And the fiddle has returned into my orbit since I swapped instruments with my daughter. I now play a fiddle made by Otis Tomas from Cape Breton. Every day I take it out and play, so the old Gaelic tunes are rolling around. 

Below is one of my latest tunes “Crossing the line” inspired by a letter from a father to his children. The plan is to play it at the shows.

Mairi x

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