About Mairi

Mairi Campbell is a pioneering musician receiving critical attention for her remarkable singing, powerful concerts and unique solo music theatre productions. 

Her music, which combines voice and viola, has a rooted quality, encompassing wide-ranging interests from Scottish dance music to soundings and improvisations.

Mairi’s voice has been heard worldwide thanks to her version of Auld Lang Syne, with David Francis as the Cast, being used in the pivotal New Year’s Eve scene of the blockbuster movie Sex and the City. 

Mairi has also been inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame. Swim in the Ocean is her latest single.

Facilitation, workshops and wraparound

Mairi runs online fiddle classes. Her facilitation offers participants playful and profound encounters with their innate creativity and musical desires.

Through the tools of InterPlay, choir leading, voice work, fiddle teaching and movement, Mairi is a sought-after teacher. She has taught across Scotland including at Findhorn’s EarthSings, as well as in New Zealand and Canada.

For 12 years she was director and song arranger for Edinburgh’s folk choir Sangstream.


Mairi draws on her deep well of Celtic ancestry to find rugged, beautiful and mesmerising music in her concerts, whether that’s solo or with a band. 

Mairi’s ‘consummate and visionary musicianship’ takes us from Burns to Bach and beyond. Her music, stagecraft and storytelling bring the audience profound feelings of Scotland and its vivid heartbeat.

Most recently Mairi has created the Pendulum Band, an extraordinary 10-piece music and dance ensemble playing choreographed gigs. Featuring her two daughters and seven other amazing musicians, the Pendulum Band is one of Scotland’s most exciting new sound experiences.


Mairi and co-creator/director Kath Burlinson have created three solo multi-disciplinary theatre shows, Living Stone (premieres in August 2024), Auld Lang Syne (2018) and Pulse (2016), as part of a trilogy. Mairi’s theatre work is a response to personal stories and cultural concerns and has received critical acclaim from press, audiences and artistic peers.

Mairi is sought-after as a composer for theatre and contemporary dance. She has collaborated with Barrowland Ballet on Wolves (2018) and has composed for three large scale musical theatre productions for British Youth Music Theatre.

Mairi’s music

Mairi is a viola player, singer and songwriter whose music has a rooted and powerful quality. 
Her music is for sale in her online shop, or see ‘What’s on’ for her latest concerts and shows.

Contact Mairi

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