Brilliant feedback for Mairi’s new show Pulse

“Wild, gentle, primal and honest”
The Herald

Mairi Campbell’s new one-woman theatre show Pulse, directed by Kath Burlinson (Wolf 2010), has received brilliant feedback from audiences on both preview nights.

Pulse tells the story of Mairi’s musical journey and quest for pulse. From orchestral violist to folk musician, this is the story of a musical homecoming and a journeying of the heart.
Pulse charts Mairi’s passionate and, at times, painful journey of discovery. Pulse takes her to Mexico and Cape Breton, before she returns to the traditional music scene in Scotland. Campbell steps out on a quest to heal ancient wounds and to “come home”.

Pulse connects with what’s happening in Scotland, socially, culturally and politically. Scotland too is finding her feet, finding her pulse.

Audience feedback

One person said: “Nearly brought me to tears so many times because I felt it was my own story. It’s everyone’s story.”

“I loved the music. I was surprised by the feet,” said another.

“I saw the spiritual root of Scotland which I’ve never seen before,” said another.

Another added: “Powerful. As if I was being invited on a deeply personal level to share.”

Pulse is deeply touching, funny and potent. Mairi digs where she stands, weaving live viola and voice with tracks from her latest groundbreaking album Pulse, as well as animation, movement and storytelling.

The journalist and writer Jackie Kemp wrote a piece about Pulse on her website prior to the show opening. Watch the trailer for Pulse:

Absolutely brilliant

The show is directed by Kath Burlinson, music is by Mairi Campbell and musician and producer Dave Gray, and animation is by Claire Lamond.

Mairi said: “The responses from the first ever showings of Pulse were absolutely brilliant. I felt such support and empathy in the theatre and we really appreciated your feedback at these previews.”

She added: “Huge thanks to director Kath Burlinson for holding and shaping the unfolding of Pulse, David Gray for your massive sonic imagination, Claire Lamond for bringing the drawings alive and not going dotty!”

Pulse ran for two nights at North Edinburgh Arts Centre on 12 and 13 June. There was a full houses on both nights and audience feedback was facilitated.
Mairi and team are looking forward to many more performances of Pulse the show in 2015 before doing a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016.

Pulse the show is available for booking from Spring 2016 (and some availability in November 2015).

Booking for venues
To book Pulse for your theatre venue, or for more information, contact:

Lesley Piper, management

Marianne Halavage, PR, marketing and venues | 0777 963 1391

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