Unfolding song workshop

Friday 4 September 2020–Monday 7 September 2020 at Kilcreggan House

Facilitated by Mairi Campbell and Helen Chadwick.

Through improvisation and play, ideas will come, tunes form and rhythms unfold. We’ll tend to these elements and explore how we can collaboratively let them grow into song.

We call this unfolding song because what we make emerges out of the collective experience of the group, guided by our facilitators, crafted and sung by all of us.

Helen and Mairi bring both technical know-how and vast personal experience of the creative process. The group will be limited to 20.

Prices: Single: £315, Twin: £270, Triple: £250, Camping: £220, Non-residential: £200.

Book at www.kilcregganhouse.com

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