The tour starts tomorrow 

Hi folks,

Tomorrow! (Saturday) is the start of the tour at An Tobar and Mull Theatre, Tobermory. Tickets also on the door.

Then Aberdeen on 24th, Perth on Burns Night, Hawick on 26th and Edinburgh on 27 and 28th.

I left Lismore on Thursday to get to Edinburgh for rehearsals. I left at 7am in the snow, worrying about the roads, but didn’t need to. Oban was pretty clear. I then headed straight to Dave Grays and recorded 6 songs in the afternoon, for an EP of new stuff plus a single. Then back up to Mull today. At least the weather’s due to get milder so that’s a relief for travelling.

I’m really looking forward to sharing the story of Auld Lang Syne and getting on stages again. It feels like a long time since I was there, but I think many musicians and artists are feeling like that. 

Also just to mention that I also have an online workshop with Dawne McFarlane on the 4th February. And the online fiddle classes start on 30th January.

More details below. Hope to see you for the show.

Mairi x

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