A shameless Fringe plug and a FREE TRACK FROM PULSE in Mairi’s July update …

Hi friends, this month’s newsletter is a shameless plug for my shows at the Fringe and for Lismore’s Taproot Festival. I’m celebrating by giving away a free track from the album Pulse, at the end of the newsletter.

Currently on tour with the Danish band Himmerland and we’ve been hanging out with Puffins on the remote Faroes island of Mykines the last two days. The boat couldn’t get back for us due to rough seas but eventually it managed to make it.

Today is national festival day so we have a couple of performances around the capital Torshavn. We are a real mixup… a Dane, a Pole, a Ghanian, a Swede and a Scot. Lovely folks, very caring and kind and with wives, partners and old pals attached – it’s quite the community. Puts music in its right place amongst people.

Some photos of the trip below.

From here Pulse feels like miles away but I know its really NOT!! So looking forward to getting stuck in to another Edinburgh festival and seeing where Pulse takes us… maybe back to the Faroes!!

For the full newsletter including the free Pulse track click here.

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