Throughout the year Mairi runs various workshops, which are designed to invigorate and awaken participants’ artistry. Most of Mairi’s workshops are happening online for now.

Mairi has an incredible ability to facilitate, support and encourage. Workshop participants get the chance to  expand and explore their own voices, playing and creativity, and have fun with others. 

Online fiddle class

Attending Mairi’s mixed-ability online adult fiddle class is a fantastic way to help foster a sense of community.

Classes are a flexible and affordable alternative to normal music lessons, allowing you to share a common music repertoire, improve and add new techniques and skills.

Classes cover the common tunes you’d find at a pub session in Scotland but we play them at a slow pace and several times so people can join in.

You’ll also get access to Mairi’s Tunes section. In there, there’s sheet music and you can slow down and loop the tracks, to learn them at your own pace.

Mairi’s winter online fiddle classes are now finished. To enquire about future sessions, please visit What’s on or contact Mairi.

What participants say…

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