Reviews of Pulse

“So, in the here and now, on a stage bare but for a rough-hewn pendulum – its flat stone culled from her family’s croft – Campbell opens her throat in a spirit of belonging that is ancient and modern, and life affirming for all of us”
Mary Brennan, The Herald ****

“Bare and unabashed honesty… by the end of ‘Pulse’ you’ll feel transformed”
Three Weeks*****
“A consummate musician, Mairi Campbell in her one-woman show Pulse reveals her formidable acting and storytelling talents as she explores the very essence of what it is to be a musician in this thought-provoking and moving journey”
Susan Nickalls, music critic
“A feast for the mind, as well as the eyes and ears. Challenging and inspiring. Made me want to dance (and I almost never dance!) and take up the fiddle again”
Richard Medrington, Puppet State Theatre Company
“Subtle and evocative…a story with local and global resonance”
All Edinburgh****

Mairi Campbell is a woman with more musical ability in her little finger than most of us have in our entire bodies”

“a mesmerising performer with such a gift for accents and physical comedy that it’s easy to forget her main job is folk musician”
Andrew Eaton-Lewis, the Scotsman
“There is no doubting Summerhall has a gem in Mairi Campbell’s show”****
“This one woman show is truly unique”****
“Pulse was extraordinary. We were full of tears and wonder. Thank you! Singing and tapping along to the tracks”
Lyre Production, Scottish film makers

“Exquisite blend of skill, art, vitality and expression…Join [Campbell] and be uplifted”
Musical Theatre Review*****