Mairi Campbell and the Pendulum Band

Mairi Campbell, ever questing for new musical experiences, brings together some of the country’s finest musicians to make up the Pendulum Band.

For the past few years Mairi has been working with producer Dave Gray on conjuring up sounds that pulse between the ancient and shamanic, drawn from Scotland’s rock, soil and water, and the futuristic and electronic. Now the Pendulum Band brings this music to the stage, bound together by Mairi’s voice and movement.

Ranging from the tender re-setting of Burns’s ‘Lea Rig’ to the pulsating, rhythmic whirl of ‘The Rough with the Smooth’, this is music to move your heart and your feet.

The Pendulum Band: Mairi Campbell: voice, viola / William Jaquet: drums / Innes Watson: guitars / Su-a Lee: cello / Nicky Haire: violin / Luna Blu (Ada Francis, Frankie Hay, Megan Savage): voices / John Sikorski: step dancing / Suzi Cunningham: dancer.

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“Mairi Campbell is a national treasure of Scotland… Campbell commands the stage and communicates with the audience, leaving us wanting more even after two encores… and yes, that includes Auld Lang Syne.”

Hugh Kerr, the Wee Review