Germany, Taproot Festival and Fringe 2017 in Mairi’s May newsletter

Hi folks, I’m excited to be in Germany currently, about to kick off the tour. Stopping off today in Deventer to stay with Meg Macleod, an InterPlay leader who was just over in Scotland recently. Then it’s down to Wuppertal on Thursday for the first gig. I’m driving around the country with my gear in my Berlingo. Relying heavily on Satnav!
Below are the dates and venues. If you’re in Germany, hope to see you.

Much love.
M x

This is just an excerpt from my May 2017 newsletter. To read the full newsletter, click here. Please also note that the Taproot Festival on Lismore is happening 14-14 September and not on the dates stated in the newsletter.

Hi folks, the correct dates for the Taproot Festival on Lismore…

14-17 September.

We’ll distribute the beautiful poster when it’s been updated. But just wanted to let you know the correct dates asap.

Taproot Festival on Lismore

14-17 September, Isle of Lismore

The inaugural Taproot Festival on Lismore is taking shape and looking great, featuring Pulse, Liz Lochead, Norman Bissell, Donald Meek, Cera Impala, the Clincarts and more.

It’s going to be a brilliant weekend. Limited tickets still available at the Lismore Heritage Centre on 01631760030.

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