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Hello folks,

We’re in the mother of all change and it’ll probably be OK in the end, but bloody bonkers to be going through it.

What I do know is I love our weekly Campbell’s Ceilidh. Folk are getting to know one another as time goes on and the form of turns followed by breakout rooms seems to be working well enough and will morph if required. Please come along if you haven’t checked us out.

I hope that we can dovetail the Campbell’s Ceilidh experience into localised events next year, if I’m taking a show on the road. Which I will by the way! Social distancing will hopefully no longer be needed – that’s my mantra anyway.

For the foreseeable future, Campbell’s Ceilidh will continue to run online each Sunday at 7 (British Summer Time) – including this evening.

If you’re keen to join, email me at and I’ll put you on the Campbell’s Ceilidh list. I then email out the Zoom link each week. There’s also a Campbell’s Ceilidh Facebook group which is lively with further comments, words and music from folks.

Mairi xx

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