Fiddles, festivals and some exciting news for a friend

Hi folks,

Gosh, time just flies! I’ve finished my last online fiddle class in March and the Lismore fiddle camps in April/May are now sold out. I think I’ll pick up the online fiddle classes again in the Autumn, but in the meantime the group plans to keep connected and meet up every week or two to work on their fiddle, so that’s great.

I’m looking forward to hosting the fiddle camps here on Lismore – especially as we’re trying to foster a few local children from Lismore Primary learning the fiddle. Maybe they’ll join us at the house ceilidh on the Saturday night. I picked up another 7 or 8 fiddles a few weeks ago when I was back in Edinburgh. This means the school has a collection and the students have one they can take home and use. We’re very grateful for the help from all those who have offered violins.

Just a few things to let you know about including Kath Burlinson’s upcoming workshops, Pomegranates 2023 festival at the end of April and some news about Laura Newbury’s book.

This week the Big Society band were recording at our Carnie Cottage studio. We had a hiccup on the first day on realising that the mics had been left behind in Manchester. Eek. So a huge thanks to Dave Gray and Nick Turner who kindly offered a full set of replacement mics. They’ve now turned the studio into a den for drums and imaginatively used the loo as a vocal booth. I’m also getting to spend some precious time with Ada and discover her awesome cooking skills!

Mairi x

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