Mairi Campbell:

Meet me at the threshold

‘Mairi Campbell: Meet me at the threshold’ is a blend of songs, anecdotes and readings addressing thresholds and times of change.

Mairi’s grounded, powerful voice and simple accompaniments were made for this work. Each song responds to a threshold of some sort – be it the time between day and night, as in Robert Burns’ Lea Rig, or speaking from the other side, as in ‘Crossing the line’. Mairi gently draws the audience in through the power and potential of meeting thresholds. She invites and leads collective singing.

The stage is graced with a large stone pendulum which Mairi has been accompanying since 2015. This ancient mill stone was found on her great grandmothers’ croft on the island of Lismore. Throughout the event the stone pendulum’s presence is a reminder of Mother Earth and her grounding influence in the face of flux. 

Meet me at the threshold on stage at Findhorn

“A threshold is not a simple boundary; it is a frontier that divides two different territories, rhythms, and atmospheres. 

“At this threshold a great complexity of emotion comes alive: confusion, fear, excitement, sadness, hope. This is one of the reasons such vital crossings were always clothed in ritual. 

“It is wise in your own life to be able to recognize and acknowledge the key thresholds: to take your time; to feel all the varieties of presence that accrue there; to listen inward with complete attention until you hear the inner voice calling you forward. The time has come to cross.” 

John O’Donohue

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