Concerts and shows

Meet Me

Mairi's new material that addresses thresholds and times of change has been turned into the concert programme ‘Meet Me at the Threshold’.

The Pendulum Band

Pendulum Band

Mairi Campbell brings together some of the country’s finest musicians to make up the Pendulum Band.

Portrait of Mairi wearing blue tartan shawl

Solo concerts

A performance by Mairi Campbell today takes her listeners on a journey.

Mairi Campbell Pulse key image of Mairi on a hilltop on Lismore with her viola


Campbell’s grounded and compelling performance weaves viola, voice, animation, and movement. Deeply touching, funny, and potent.

Auld Lang Syne poster

Auld Lang Syne

With live music, animation and movement, this funny and heartfelt show resonates with wider universal truths.


Watch and listen to some of Mairi's live performances via YouTube.

Mairi's dot drawing of a pendulum

Campbell's Ceilidh

Learn more about Campbell's Ceilidh which ran online during the pandemic.