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Hi folks, hope you’re doing well and enjoying the summer months.

Now that I’m back in Edinburgh from Lismore, life is hotting up (and it’s not just the weather!). I’m playing five live solo concerts as part of the Fringe. I’m also featuring in an exciting new production, She/Her, alongside my daughter Ada and supported backstage by my daughter Ellen.

All Fringe tickets are on sale now.

Mairi x

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Edinburgh Fringe: ‘Mairi Campbell live’ is back

Mairi’s newest solo show is inspired by her relocation to the beautiful isle of Lismore

We’re excited to announce the return of trad Hall of Famer Mairi Campbell to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for a series of live concerts.

Mairi will also feature in She/Her, the multimedia performance presented by Brian Cox.

Mairi’s newest solo concert “Mairi Campbell live” will run at the Acoustic Music Centre on 9, 10, 21, 23 and 25 August 2022.

Inspired by Lismore

She’ll play songs from the past, songs that she and her husband Dave Francis have written together, material from her theatre shows, and new material inspired by her relocation in January to the beautiful isle of Lismore.

“The theme is about grounding. I hope to take the audience on a journey in voice and viola through the landscape of Lismore and Scotland,” says Mairi.

“I’ve spent the last seven months living up on Lismore, connecting to a smaller community up here and to my indigenous roots, and I’m feeling particularly grounded. It’s a kind of Eden up here and I hope that vibe comes through loudly in the concerts.”

The concerts will also feature classic odes to Scotland such as Dougie Maclean’s Caledonia, as well as a good dose of humour, and the chance for some audience participation!


As well as her solo concerts, Mairi is set to feature in the show She/Her, presented by ‘Brian Cox and Actors Rising Productions’ and directed by Nicole Ansari-Cox.

The show, which runs at the Assembly George Square Studios throughout August, is about eight women stepping into the light and sharing their stories of hope, fear, loss, trauma, passion, ancestry, birth, motherhood and romance with wit, humour, movement and music.

Mairi will be joined on stage by her daughter, the musician Ada Francis – and the interactions between mum and daughter won’t always be comfortable! Mairi’s daughter Ellen Norna Francis, an independent filmmaker, will also be assisting director Ansari-Cox backstage.


Mairi Campbell live at Edinburgh Festival Fringe
When: 9 August 2022, 7pm,10,21,23,25 August 2022, 5.30pm
Where: Venue 138 – Acoustic Music Centre @UCC

She/Her at Edinburgh Festival Fringe
When: 3-9, 11-15, 17-22, 24-29 August 2022
Where: Venue 17 – Assembly George Square Studios, Studio 1

Fiddle class sessions are back & Fringe news!

Hi folks, hope you’re well.

There’s something about sitting by this quern stone that we found on my Great Grandmother’s croft, and watching it swing. It’s keeping me grounded. It’s also the star of the next show… a literal rock star! Folk will have seen it on stage in all my shows, but now it’s taking centre stage. More about the show in future updates.

I’m keeping business at bay until the summer when things will take off again for a few months. I hope you can join us at some event, somewhere… there will be a few festivals and quite a few shows at the Fringe 2022! More below. 

Mairi x

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Join us on World Storytelling Day?

Dear folks,

Apart from a couple of trips back South I’m staying up on Lismore for now. The calm and beauty here is in such stark contrast to everything going on. It’s been very touching to hear musicians playing in response to the crisis in the Ukraine and it reminds me of how powerful music is for bringing people together.

There’s a blend of live and online events this month. More below. Hope you can join us. 

Mairi x

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