Campbell's Ceilidh

Welcome to Campbell’s Ceilidh online through Zoom, every Sunday at 7 (UK time) for the foreseeable future.

A place for family, friends and fans, where we share what we have and it’s appreciated. A new kind of place that holds the time-tested framework of a ceilidh from Mairi Campbell’s living room to yours.

Get the Zoom meeting link by signing up for event details. There’s also a Campbell’s Ceilidh Facebook group.

Everyone is welcome, from all over the globe, and all music and styles are welcome too. Turns are around 3 minutes and there are chatrooms for sharing your news.

You’re welcome to just witness or come and play your fiddle, a song, a poem, something that resonates for you at this time.

There are ‘turns’ and ‘chat rooms’. Mairi curates the programme and sings and plays a song or two as well. Breakout/chat rooms are a Zoom feature. As is the way with a ceilidh, it’s a chance to share some news and have a wee chat so this is a Zoom friendly version.

Mairi facilitates breakout room forms and suggests topics before each one. This is how they go: you take turns to talk about something familiar to you. Each breakout is a different topic. Going in alphabetical order the participants talk on this topic for around 2 minutes and then the next person shares and you go round like that. Topics include, tell us about any hobby you’re into at the moment; gardening; have a rant… that’s a thing; take any object and talk about it; how’s lockdown going: what’s keeping you afloat.

Despite some folk being initially terrified they have admitted to enjoying this bit of the ceilidh. Mairi’s dad even says he likes it more than the music, which is quite annoying actually…

Online is not easy on the attention. It’s hard not to get wired into the screen and end up feeling overwhelm and headachy. We can experiment with this for ourselves.

We aim to be as transparent as possible and become friends with technology and each other. The technical host of the night is Zooby. Zooby’s voice is sublime and absolutely nothing can go wrong with him at the helm. He’ll put us in breakout rooms and calm our nerves if frayed.

Don’t feel you need to stay for the whole event – drop in and out when you need. Lie down, hide your image, be seen… as you need.

How to get a good sound from your Zoom meeting.

Waving hands is Zoom speak for clapping. It’s a bit weird not to get some audio response so we do unmute after the turns… but maybe we’ll evolve into wavy clappers.

In energy and time: invite a pal or offer a turn.

Money donation: this goes towards costs and then a charity of a participant’s choice. Suggested donation: £5-£20. Thank you to all our donors. 

You can make your donation at Or email Mairi for direct banking details.

Get the Zoom meeting link by signing up for Campbell’s Ceilidh weekly emails.