An Edinburgh Fringe gig … in person! And more

Dear folks,

Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival has been cancelled. I was looking forward to it, but hopefully it will go ahead as planned next summer.

So my first in-person gig in a while will now be as part of the Edinburgh Fringe. It’s on Friday 20th August at the Acoustic Music Centre and hopefully folks in Edinburgh can make it along. Tickets are limited.

There’s also a slow session for fiddlers happening this evening. More on the slow session, the Fringe gig and some other bits and bobs below.

Very best,

Mairi x

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A new show, a ceilidh and fiddle classes

Welcome all,

Our Campbell’s Ceilidh, though quiet for now, continues to resonate with me most days. I was coming back from the bank remembering a story from Dawne and a song from Giulia and feeling nourished by the memories.  

Happy to say that live work is picking up. In August, there’s Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival and then a gig at the Fringe (date still to be confirmed). 

But the main job for now is writing the new show which requires word, sounds, images and pulling it all together with the help of some very talented colleagues.  

More on the new show, plus a ceilidh and some classes, below.

Mairi x

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Your launch party invite!

Hello friends,

We’re past the equinox, Spring’s in the air and life’s on the move. In the field outside the window, sheep are ready to lamb. I saw a quad bike trailer yesterday with the letters ‘Lambulance’ painted across the steel box.

I’m loving the gatherings that are taking place online. My InsideOut Musician classes are so fun, and the ceilidh’s a dream. 

This Thursday night we have our monthly InsideOut Ceilidh. Please come and support our new venture and listen to incredible musicians.

Also we have a special invite for you to our Friday night Storm launch!

Read down for further info, links and more.

Mairi x

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New video, new album, proud auntie

Hello friends, 

I like to think we’re in the back of the Winter (as Karine Polwart puts it in her gorgeous song ‘Follow the Heron’).

Life is pretty good. Lockdown on Lismore with its palette of online musical activity and being outdoors is working a treat.

Coming up over the next few weeks, there are classes and albums on their way, a new series of Voice and InterPlay classes, slow sessions, fiddle classes and of course our beloved Campbell’s Ceilidh. More info below…

Mairi x

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