Announcing my Auld Lang Syne January tour!

Hi folks,

To celebrate Robert Burns birthday on Jan 25th, I’ll be playing six Auld Lang Syne shows in late January – in Tobermory, Aberdeen, Perth, Hawick and Edinburgh!

I’ve a good number of stories associated with this song. And with the help of my director and co-creator Kath Burlinson we’ve made a cracking wee show that reveals the many layers that make this ageless song stay in our hearts and minds. Many audience members have told me they thought they knew the song until they came to the show…

“…virtuosic Mairi Campbell transcends the role of performer… voice is like no other… incredible storyteller…” Edinburgh Guide *****

I hope to see you on some stage in January! Ticket details below.

Mairi x

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Glasgow and Edinburgh gigs and Fiddle classes start back

Hi folks,

Marion Kenny and I have had an amazing tour round the Hebrides – or some of them – as part of our ‘Journey to the Isles’ tourEigg was a revelation! Such dynamism in a small place. Wind farm energy that supplied the whole island and meant that the school house, community hall and visitor centre had free heating! Because the residents bought their island, they have some inspirational ways of being in community. I really enjoyed meeting them and a very happy birthday to Wes who was 80 on the night of our gig.

The Isle of Lewis was another magical experience. I went to the Free Church on Sunday and the minster talked about Living Stones – exactly what I needed to hear. Then I met an Indian gentleman who was looking for information about my grandfather Rev Duncan Campbell and the Lewis Revivals, which my grandfather was a big part of. We happened to be at in the same place at the same time and shared a couple of precious hours.

So I’ve had an Autumnal feast of touring and I’ve now have come home to my dear friend Dawne McFarlane who’s staying with us while the Scottish Storytelling festival is on. 

I’d love to see friends and fans at some of my Glasgow and Edinburgh solo gigs coming up in November… Also do sign up to my online fiddle class if you’d like a wee gander across your fiddle strings!

Mairi x

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Journeying to the Isles and around Scotland!

Hi folks,

What a momentous time we’re in. The great letting go.  I hope that this end of an era paves the way to a road of peace, kindness and deep respect for all living beings.

This newsletter has information about concerts and tours coming up around Scotland plus a seasonal song at the end ‘Smile or Cry’. I will be starting an online fiddle class/session at the beginning of October – a seven week block, so look out for that in the next newsletter in a couple of weeks. 

She/Her Fringe show roundup

I feel lucky to have enough tools to work through the ups and downs of life on stage. It’s not for everyone, but it seems to be my bag these days. Stage work and amplification. One of the things I realised is that it’s important to speak that which you want amplified, to raise vibration, bring us and them into loving alignment. This show was that.

This anthology of our true stories was an opportunity to mark where we each are, from musing on mill stones to passing driving tests and much in between. My thanks to the stellar cast, director Nicole Ansari Cox and her husband Brian Cox for their vision and support. And a special thanks to all of you who came! It was great to see friends from far and wide who managed to make it.    

Mairi x

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Fringe news!

Hi folks, hope you’re doing well and enjoying the summer months.

Now that I’m back in Edinburgh from Lismore, life is hotting up (and it’s not just the weather!). I’m playing five live solo concerts as part of the Fringe. I’m also featuring in an exciting new production, She/Her, alongside my daughter Ada and supported backstage by my daughter Ellen.

All Fringe tickets are on sale now.

Mairi x

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