Mairi Campbell takes 5-star Fringe show back on the road in Scotland

Mairi Campbell on a hillside in warrior pose with her viola

Press release
21 September 2017

The Herald ★★★★

Bare and unabashed honesty…by the end of ‘Pulse’ you’ll feel transformed.”
Three Weeks ★★★★★

Musician Mairi Campbell’s critically-acclaimed theatre show Mairi Campbell: Pulse is back on tour in Scotland after a successful run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Mairi sings, plays viola and step dances in her one-woman show, which has been highly praised by audiences and critics alike and championed by Made in Scotland, a showcase of world class Scottish music and theatre.

Taking Pulse back on the road in October, Mairi is to play venues in Paisley, Stirling, Aberdeen and Cromarty. Earlier in the year, she had played everywhere from Luing to Banchory before taking a break for the Fringe.

“I’m touched to meet so many folk who have already come to see the show,” said Mairi. “It really seems to resonate with people.”

She added: “I can’t wait to get back on the road again. It’s good to get a feel for the pulse of each area, meet people in different communities, hear their stories and share mine. I hope people will make it out to see the show.”

Co-devised and directed by Kath Burlinson, Pulse is Mairi’s story of her musical homecoming. Upon rejecting her classical training, Mairi goes on a personal and musical journey to discover where she really belongs.


Tour dates

5 October: Mairi Campbell: Pulse TOUR, Paisley Arts Centre

6 October: Mairi Campbell: Pulse TOUR, Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling

7 October: Mairi Campbell: Pulse TOUR, The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

14 October: Mairi Campbell: Pulse TOUR, Cromarty Arts Trust

A big thank you!! (Mairi’s September update)

Hi friends, I hope September sees you all doing as well as possible! This is a time of flux and chaos, and many people are suffering from overdoses of fear-mongering and the crap coming at us through the media. I can’t bear it. I have been consciously going against this flow and looking for the good in everyday situations: remembering to smile at the checkout person, saying thanks to the bus driver, smiling at people as I walk along the street. It’s crazy that it takes such an effort, but it’s the only way. I know I’m not the only one doing this…

I’m recently back from a few days up on Lismore to come down from the Edinburgh Fringe run of Pulse. I needed to feel that limestone ground under my feet and let the porous rock pull me back to earth. To be honest, I’ve been pretty knackered after the show. But there’s an afterglow too, with the responses, positivity and resonances that Pulse has made. I’ve been touched to meet so many folk who came to see the show. All the positive feedback has fed me deeply – thank you all! Those smiles and comments will stay with me for a long time.

This week also sees the start of the Taproot festival on Lismore. I can’t wait for this, to feel my feet on the Lismore ground again, feel the beat of one collective, creative heart, and be assisted to rise up to that resonance that will keep us healthy and well.

I look forward to seeing you up on Lismore or, if you can’t make it, at an upcoming event. Or drop me a wee message, to let me know how you’re doing, if you feel so moved.

With love,

Mairi xx

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Activate your curiosity, come see Pulse at the Fringe!!

Hi friends, we’re a week into the Fringe run now, with the next show at 5pm today…

Somehow during Pulse recently, the head and the heart are on the same page, or at least closer…  Such a subtle thing acting and performing. When everyone I’m hanging out with in this show is a figment of my imagination, I can feel that it really works when I’m properly present – in the situation – it’s a great test of presence. I’m also loving playing viola, both folk and classical.

Additional positives: producer Kate’s foot seems better and her wee boy Toby is a pal. Maria, technician, has been playing a blinder, and Christine Sparks and John Sparks came with glorious offspring. Thanks all!

Tickets still available for all shows. Competition ferocious. It’s easy to think that everyone else’ll be going… it’s not like that! Please activate your curiosity if you haven’t already! And thanks to everyone who has made it so far. 

We’ve also made pick of the Scotsman, Mervyn Stutter’s Pick of the Fringe and Music Theatre’s top 10 show for 2017! Please spread the word of this 5-star show!!!


Event information

Thursday 3 – Sunday 27 Aug (not even days)
at 5pm
Scottish Storytelling Centre
£12 / concessions

Pulse is co-devised and directed by Kath Burlinson


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A shameless Fringe plug and a FREE TRACK FROM PULSE in Mairi’s July update …

Hi friends, this month’s newsletter is a shameless plug for my shows at the Fringe and for Lismore’s Taproot Festival. I’m celebrating by giving away a free track from the album Pulse, at the end of the newsletter.

Currently on tour with the Danish band Himmerland and we’ve been hanging out with Puffins on the remote Faroes island of Mykines the last two days. The boat couldn’t get back for us due to rough seas but eventually it managed to make it.

Today is national festival day so we have a couple of performances around the capital Torshavn. We are a real mixup… a Dane, a Pole, a Ghanian, a Swede and a Scot. Lovely folks, very caring and kind and with wives, partners and old pals attached – it’s quite the community. Puts music in its right place amongst people.

Some photos of the trip below.

From here Pulse feels like miles away but I know its really NOT!! So looking forward to getting stuck in to another Edinburgh festival and seeing where Pulse takes us… maybe back to the Faroes!!

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