Auld Lang Syne news, the Banchory gig and more island life

Dear folks,

I hope you’re doing well, holding up and finding some personal power in your situations. I’m in exactly the right place geographically, on Lismore where I feel right at home. Despite the comings and goings of Covid on the news, I’m trying to stay focussed and in flow with my own affairs, which happen to involve sorting out the sewage pipe (we discovered two sets of rods stuck in it), getting the boiler working again, and listening in to those tiny voices that help me on the path to realising the next show. 

Unfortunately my planned tour of Auld Lang Syne has been cancelled due to restrictions, making it unviable, but most of the venues have asked me back same time in 2023. Hopefully we’ll have a juicy tour lined up for January 2023.

Meanwhile I can sit back and continue hermitting away with what needs to be done. I’m discovering the musical potential of the stone pendulum and have three clear notes that could assist and help create any number of songs and words. Exciting. 

Here’s a bit more about what’s coming up…

Mairi x

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