Activate your curiosity, come see Pulse at the Fringe!!

Hi friends, we’re a week into the Fringe run now, with the next show at 5pm today…

Somehow during Pulse recently, the head and the heart are on the same page, or at least closer…  Such a subtle thing acting and performing. When everyone I’m hanging out with in this show is a figment of my imagination, I can feel that it really works when I’m properly present – in the situation – it’s a great test of presence. I’m also loving playing viola, both folk and classical.

Additional positives: producer Kate’s foot seems better and her wee boy Toby is a pal. Maria, technician, has been playing a blinder, and Christine Sparks and John Sparks came with glorious offspring. Thanks all!

Tickets still available for all shows. Competition ferocious. It’s easy to think that everyone else’ll be going… it’s not like that! Please activate your curiosity if you haven’t already! And thanks to everyone who has made it so far. 

We’ve also made pick of the Scotsman, Mervyn Stutter’s Pick of the Fringe and Music Theatre’s top 10 show for 2017! Please spread the word of this 5-star show!!!


Event information

Thursday 3 – Sunday 27 Aug (not even days)
at 5pm
Scottish Storytelling Centre
£12 / concessions

Pulse is co-devised and directed by Kath Burlinson


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